What is a First Hours Session? | Corpus Christi Newborn Photographer

I am so glad you asked! I have been on the lookout for anyone interested in a First Hours Session (also called a Fresh 48 session).

A First Hours Session is a great way to capture your baby in the hospital. It is a more affordable and less intrusive alternative to Birth Story Sessions.

Birth Story Sessions are usually much longer as the photographer is present during labor, delivery as well as a short time after delivery. Birth stories aim to capture all the stages of giving birth. They are great for home births but unfortunately not all hospitals allow photography during delivery so it is not always a option. I do provide custom quotes for Birth Story Sessions.

A First Hours Session is a great way to capture such an amazing event. For a First Hours Session, I make myself available at anytime following your delivery. Usually a family member will keep me updated on labor and delivery and once baby has arrived we will coordinate a time for me to arrive at the hospital and photograph your first hours with your new baby!

The session lasts up to an hour and I cover a variety of images, depending on your desires. Most families desire to capture images holding baby, feeding baby, individual shots of baby swaddled, as well as details shots of baby and the hospital.

Depending on when you desire me to arrive, this will determine the style of the session. Mothers who desire more raw images and all the emotions that follow delivery can arrange to have me present immediately after birth. For this option, I usually can capture baby being weighed, feet stamped, skin-to-skin, etc. This type of session usually captures many tears as well!

The next option is for mothers who desire to have more recovery time following delivery. This allows mom to rest, get to know baby, as well as possibly shower and get "ready" for the session. This is great for moms who want to capture all the memories of the hospital and baby's first hours but also be allowed more privacy during the most intimate moments.

There is no right approach to this type of session, but my first goal is to always make sure that mom is most comfortable. This is a BIG day for you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I always want to make sure to only add to this day in a positive way. That means making sure my service is to your desire.

When my children were born, I did not know this type of photography existed. I was so thankful to have my mother in the delivery room with her camera to capture a beautiful moment with me, my husband, and our son. That moment was filled with so much emotion that it brings it all back to me again every time I look at it! I can only imagine how it wonderful it would be to have an entire album of images capturing all the emotions of that day!

Contact me today to book your First Hours Session!

It is best to contact me to schedule your First Hours Sessions a few months before your due date to ensure availability. Let's capture that precious time of meeting your baby!