Senior Rep




1. One discounted Senior Session (savings of $135).

2. The opportunity to earn print credit for every person you refer to Mikayla D Photography for senior portraits.

3. 25 personalized photo business cards to hand out to your friends and family

4. Several of your favorite photos as low resolution files to share on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. (with our logo on them).

5. Download all images from your session in high-resolution for unlimited printing!

6. The opportunity to earn print credits for every person you refer to us for senior portraits.

7. Chance to earn a $100 Visa Gift Card

*You only receive print credit for referrals earned before May 31st, 2019. 


2019 Senior Rep PRogram

Being a high school senior rep for Mikayla D Photography is a fun experience. As a student senior rep you will receive the Classic Portrait Collection at a 50% discount! This collection covers a full session at a different locations, multiple wardrobe changes and comes with all digital images. You will also be given a set of Senior Rep Referral Cards that entitle your classmates or anyone you know to a 10% discount off their photography session with Mikayla D Photography. Only a limited number of students will be chosen to participate. 

You will also get a chance to earn print credit through referrals and  a $100 Visa Gift Card!


I chose Senior Reps from Artesia High School in Artesia, New Mexico. I am open to considering more senior reps from surrounding areas in Southwestern New Mexico as well!

Artesia Senior Reps will need to be available in July  or August 2018 for their senior session to be selected.


Your session will be a fun experience that is meant to show your own style. I love to shoot sessions with textures, colors, fun accessories, etc. We’ll plan for multiple clothing changes so bring a big variety of outfits and we can go through them together.


Share your rep cards with everyone! Freely pass out your rep cards and ask them to consider Mikayla D Photography for their senior portrait experience.

I will collect the rep cards I receive from sessions I book. Throughout the school year I will post favorite images from your session to share on social media. During Spring Semester, I will upload your full gallery from your session for you to download your images. All referral cards I have collected will go towards your print order. On May, 31st if I have collected ALL of your rep card you will receive a $100 VISA gift card!



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